1.2 Billion people have no access to electricity.

“The lack of infrastructure, poor reliability and high costs, the energy distribution particularly in Africa is still problematic, with 25 nations in sub-Saharan Africa facing "a crisis," according to the world bank
School children often cannot read after dusk, businesses cannot grow, and clinics cannot refrigerate medicine or vaccines. Industries are idled hampering economic growth which is contributing to widespread environment degradation.
Approximately 4 million deaths per year are due to the inhalation of the smoke produced using wood burning fires for cooking or heating with the majority of victims being women or young children. As a comparison, that is more deaths than from Malaria and HIV/AIDS combined.

The solution

Sun Harvester have developed a unique range of portable power units or truck-based systems to provide free clean renewable energy to remote off-grid regions or disaster relief areas worldwide. They can power LED lights allowing School Children to study or allow small farmers to sell produce after nightfall. Higher power units can support sewing machines or refrigeration units for micro businesses alleviating poverty and assisting economic growth. Our disruptive technology can also be scaled up to manufacture mini-grid systems up to 100KW powering Schools, Hospitals or villages with clean renewable energy.


A quote from a GP working for Medicines San Frontier gives an example of the difference our mobile units can make. “Patients are dependent on oxygen concentrators because oxygen in cylinders is too expensive, and the back- up generator is usually out of use due to lack of fuel. Health clinics where the delivery room have no electricity back up, meaning that during a power cut, the midwives had to deliver babies using their mobile phones as torches. On a more day to day level, the general lighting in the clinics and on the wards is generally poor which makes effective assessments and procedures difficult”.


The Kenyan children’s project provides social work and medical services to rescued street children. They have taken delivery of our SPP1000 unit and are now making use of the portable power when carrying out their medical outreach work in very remote parts of Africa.